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CPR Information

Ability Care Services is proud to offer the following classes at our training site or we can come to you! Please see our course descriptions below:

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  • ***For classes starting within 24 hours of scheduled date/time, please contact the agency office at 352-227-1411 to inquire about availability***

        • BLS Provider – designed to provide a wide variety of healthcare professionals the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use an AED, and relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner. The course is intended for certified or non-certified, licensed or non-licensed healthcare professionals.
          Ideal for: physicians, nurses, nursing assistants, therapists, dental professionals, healthcare students, and any medical or healthcare personnel providing patient care.
          Course Length: 3-4 hours

          • Heartsaver AED – designed to provide lay rescuers the fundamental skills and confidence to perform CPR on adult, children, or infants. This course will teach participants in how to recognize and alleviate airway obstructions, the proper use of an AED, and the signs, symptoms, and corrective action for a stroke or heart attack. You will learn the importance of scene safety, checking for unresponsiveness, performance of high quality chest compressions and breathing, AED application and use, and choking interventions.
            Ideal for: Everyone!
            Course Length: 2-3 hours

          • Heartsaver First Aid – designed to provide rescuers the fundamental skills to recognize and treat medical emergencies. This course will teach students scene safety, the signs and symptoms of diabetes, stroke, and seizures and how to best treat these emergencies. Students will also learn how to control bleeding, treat for shock and burns, and minimize spinal damage due to head and spine injuries. In addition, students will get hands-on practice in dealing with blood borne pathogen safety, controlling bleeding, and dealing with broken bones and sprains.
            Ideal for: the general public whom might respond to medical emergencies. First aid training would be especially valuable to construction, warehouse, and factory workers, coaches, teachers, child care providers, babysitters, security personnel, and facility M.E.R.T (Medical Emergency Response Teams) members.
            Course Length: 4 hours
            *Can be combined with Heartsaver AED or purchased alone

          • Hands-On Skills Session – The hands-on skills session must be completed following successful submission of the Heartcode BLS online blended training portion. Hands-on sessions will be 1 hour in length and will require the student to demonstrate practical CPR skills for the instructor. Upon registering, you will be contacted by the instructor to schedule a hands-on skills session.

          • Blended Learning – designed to provide the student with the flexibility of combining both online and in-classroom learning. With this format, the student completes the didactic portion from home (via the American Heart Association website) and schedules an in-person skills check with the training site.
            Ideal for: students who have consistent access to the internet, comfortability with online and self-paced learning, and time to practice at home.
            Course Length: Online portion is self-paced; Skills check is 30-45 minutes
            *Ability Care is not responsible for AHA pricing associated with online learning
            *Students must bring certificate of completion for online learning to skills check

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            For minors (under 18) wishing to take courses, please click here for our liability statement: (see attached)

          Prices/Course Length:

          Course Type Price Course Length
          BLS Provider $55.00 3-4 Hours
          Heartsaver AED $75.00 2-3 Hours
          Heartsaver First Aid AED $85.00 4 Hours
          Skills Check Only $30.00 30-45 Minutes
          First Aid Only $45 1-2 hours
          *Contact training site for First Aid Only courses

          CPR Class Policies:

          1. Late to Class: Class will begin promptly as scheduled; Introductions will comprise the first 5 mins of class; Students arriving more than 5 mins late will be refused entry and have to reschedule; A $15 transfer fee will apply.
          2. Class Reschedule: Students may submit a one-time request to reschedule a course via e-mail to the training site.  A $15 transfer fee will apply to rescheduled courses.  Students will be placed in the soonest upcoming course (or as requested), provided there is space available.  Students requesting a reschedule are not guaranteed placement into any particular upcoming course.  All rescheduled courses must be completed within 30 days of the original request.
          3. CPR Card: All students will receive e-cards to reflect completion of courses.  E-cards will be sent to the e-mail that the student provided at time of registration.  Students will receive e-cards as soon as possible following course completion, but no later than 72 business hours after course completion.  Students who provide a non-functional e-mail address or require a replacement E-card after initial issue will be subject to a replacement fee.
          4. Cell Phones: Cell phone use is not permitted during class instruction.  Students who require repeated reminders of the cell phone policy may face removal; Refunds will not be issued.
          5. Remediation/Passing the Class: Students will receive necessary remediation during course instruction to ensure that all skills are performed competently.  Students may attempt both the written exam and skills test (for adult, child, and/or infant) a maximum of 2 times for one class session.  Should a student not successfully complete either the written or skills tests (for adult, child, and/or infant) after 2 attempts, the student will not complete the course and will be required to attend a future session.  The student will be required to repeat the process of registration and payment for all future courses.  Remediation will not be provided after the session has expired.
          6. Food & Drink: There is no outside food or drink permitted at the training site during sessions.
          7. Course Registrations: All course registrations and payments must be finalized no later than 5 pm the day prior to the scheduled session to guarantee your seat in class.  Payments may be made by invoice (to be sent to you by staff), Paypal via the website, or credit/debit at the site location.
          8. Identification: Upon arrival for the course, all students must present a valid state or government identification card.  Student registration names must match that of their provided identification.  Should a student not present valid identification, they will be instructed to register for a future course.  A $15 transfer fee will apply.
          9. Medical/Personal Liability: Courses may include physical strain, possibility of cross-infection, and emotional stress.  If your physician has recommended that you avoid strenuous activity or limit your activity in any way, you may wish to consult with them prior to taking the course.  The provision of CPR may be physically demanding.  This is true for both practicing on the manikin and performing CPR for a cardiac arrest victim.  You may be required to both kneel and rise repeatedly, as well as spend extended time in a kneeling position during this course.  Ability Care Services, INC. will assume no liability for injuries, illness, etc. that result from course attendance.
          10. Course Manual: Students are required to have access to the corresponding manual for the course that they are attending.  Students attending any BLS/Heartsaver classes will be provided with the appropriate Provider Manual for use during class, at no additional charge.  Students have the option to purchase a manual for an additional $15-$20 onsite.  Students may also purchase the appropriate course manuals on their own prior to the course.  All students must have access to a course manual.
          11. Visitor Policy: We don’t permit the presence of children, pets, or visitors during sessions.  We request that only the individual who has a confirmed registration appear at the training site on the day of class.
          12. Course Participant Requirement: As per AHA standards, we are encouraged to have at least 3 students confirmed for a class to occur. In the event that you register for a course and there are less than 3 confirmed participants, we reserve the right to offer you the following options at least 2 days prior to the scheduled session:
            1. Reschedule your session for an upcoming date. The session should be rescheduled for a session to occur within 30 days of the original class date. There will be no transfer fee associated with this arrangement.
            2. Complete the AHA online blended program. You will have to register and complete the online didactic portion of the course and bring your completion certificate to the training site to complete the hands-on skills session. The skills session is not limited to scheduled course days and can be completed on any day as arranged with training site personnel. Please anticipate that the skills session will be 30-45 mins in length. There will be no additional fee associated with this arrangement should it be due to course participant requirements.

          13. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. All funds paid for classes must be applied towards upcoming classes. All funds must be utilized within 30 days of initial registration.